The Market (Fukushima Mix) CC x B​.​Fleischmann

by Comfort Creature

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The Market by B. Fleischmann (Comfort Creature Fukushima Mix)


All beings are fucking drama kings and queens and in-betweens
People thrive off of other's doings, I have done
I've cut in the line at fairground pony rides
Made a mountain out of the insides
of some shredded vessel I can't describe
Bitch don't kill my vibe
I'm a cherubic beefcake of lazy morals

Eatin redwood sorrel when lost
even though it's probably been pissed on
Pissed off, switched on Bach
Shitty vinyl at valley thrift stores
Kissing with open mouth sores
I wonder if the free clinic is open today?

My name was almost Omar before all that shit got cleared up

Straight outta Constantinople and bronze spears
Blonde Britneys and Salt Lakes
Listen, don't listen, if I'm not calling you
it's because I don't want to call you
Don't put social norms all up on me
and put me on blast for not texting you
Back and forth, frontal sack
This Pain in my crotch is probably radioactive

I gotta pick the right time to stop eating sushi
fucking Fukushima Daiichi, General Electric
You know who you fucking with?
That shit's not all fixed just cause it's lost its media cycle
Wait for 10 years of backed up anomalies
No new fish, Just nuclear winter
Who points the finger?

The more that we try to hold it,
The more that we fail to perceive it holds us.

Don't touch things on the beach
Whales be bloated sacks of TMNT ooze
Rich white dudes, cashing in laundry
Panamanian banks and water locks
Water logged, kick in the jockstrap
Now friends I realize it might not all be connected
But maybe this bonus crisis
Is an ego-trip of divine intervention

Vain deities, who's saving me from myself
if I can't trust no one?

If I continue to get let down
I'll be lower than Satan's butt plug
But that's fine I guess
I'll just massage my perineum point to death,
and even though I claimed not to call you back,
I just want to kick it with y'all so bad.

The more that we try to hold it,
The more that we fail to perceive it holds us.

The more that we try to focus,
The more that the veil is a plague of locusts.

"The bank's pee and poo on us every day of the year."


released February 14, 2015
Original By B. Fleischmann from the album "Angst Is Not A Weltanschauung!"

Comfort Creature is Philip Deniz Kumsar and Devon Ferrucci.

Samples: Richard Lichtman & C.S. Soong (, Occupy Eureka (, St. Vincent, Smiley Face




Comfort Creature California

Comfort Creature is Philip Deniz Kumsar & Devon Ferrucci

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